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A diverse, international health care company and a number one supplier supplements backed by solid scientific proof serving health care practitioners for more than 12 years and perpetually striving to deliver innovative nutritional supplements with quite fifty products and forty below development. MyoMax offers product lines specially created for targeted health conditions together with metabolic syndrome, vas health, fitness and performance. Endeavoring best to achieve becoming one of the fastest growing companies, with the Nutraceutical R&D strategy and partnerships with top quality marketing and marketing companies.
  • Boosts workout performance
  • Nutrition education
  • Increases energy
  • Personal training
  • Lifestyle modification

It's a healthy lifestyles not a diet

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Quality Assurance

Before a single machine is turned on in our manufacturing facilities, ON procural professionals carefully choose the foremost premium raw materials. A Certificate of research is needed for each ingredient, that is then tested and retested for compliance. Quality assurance performs daily inspections of our current smart manufacturing Practices compliant facilities, that ar Certified for Sport by NSF.

MyoMax Vision

MyoMax vision is to keep up and nurture its local, regional operations similarly as expand new business opportunities and markets, based on consumers’ desires and needs. It aspires to preserve its commitment to premium quality, price for money product in each corner of the world.